What are the customizations and integration possible with Faqprime Helpbot?

Following are a few customizations possible: (Introducing Faqprime)

  1. Change the ascent color of the Helpbot.
  2. Change the text from "Get Help".
  3. Default chat teaser text is "Live Chat" which can be changed.
  4. Enable drag of the Helpbot (Desktop only)  so that your user can reposition it on their browser screen.
  5. In-line Helpers (Helpers are on-demand help answers aka hotspots) you can add to your site wherever you like.
  6. Calendar Integration for Book a demo/Book a meeting (calendly and appointy)
  7. Live chat integration, all major chat software is pre-integrated including WhatsApp and FB messenger.
  8. Rich media integrations/support like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, vimeo, daily motion and google suite.


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