Faqprime Question API

API Type


API Format

    <Helpdesk URL>/api/postinfo?keysecret=<Key Secret>&postid=<Question ID>




API Response 

  • error: true if there is an error in API and false if API is successful.

  • reason: Error Reason, present only if error is true.

    • Possible Reasons: 
      • keysecret is missing
      • keysecret is not matching
      • postid is missing
      • No post found for given postid
  • time: Current Time in Unix Time format.
  • postid: Question Id provided in the Request.
  • title: Title of the Question
  • description: Description of the Question provided while posting of the question in HTML Format.
  • tags: List of the tags saperated by Comma.
  • answers: Present only if question has any answer. answer-0 represents the first answer in the HTML format.