Faqprime Search Text API

API Type



API Purpose 

   To get the Search Result for a given text.

API Format

    <Helpdesk URL>/api/search-text?keysecret=<Key Secret>&text=<search text>&start=<Starting ID>



  • Helpdesk URL: Your Help Desk Home page URL i.e. https://help.example.com or https://example.myfaqprime.com

  • Key Secret: Keysecret generated for the key provided in the admin > control panel > Key Configuration

  • text: input text for which the result is looked on.

  • Starting ID (optional): Default value 0, this number represents from which index the next possible 10 posts should be shown. 


API Response 

  • error: true if there is an error in API and false if API is successful.

  • reason: Error Reason, present only if error is true.

    • Possible Reasons:

      • keysecret is missing

      • keysecret is not matching

      • text is missing

      • text length should be atleast 4
  • time: Current Time in Unix Time format.

  • result-count: Number of posts returned in the response.

  • text: input text 

  • search-results: List of Questions (search result) in the following format

    • ​​result-0/result-1...: Post Info in the following format.
      • title: Title of the Question

      • postid: ID of the Question